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Infrastructure Product Application Highlights

Our wire rope isolators provide a wide range of vibration isolation solutions to the power and utility, commercial building HVAC and Chillers to Nuclear facilities. We provide the needed prtotection of these assets to ensure proper operation and durability.


HVAC and Chiller Units

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  • Equipment Seismic Isolation Stand 
  • Combined Isolation Bearing, Elastomeric damping and Wire Rope Isolators
  • Protects equipment from vertical and horizontal seismic inputs
  • No maintenance
  • Chillers, HVAC, Medical Equipment

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Nuclear Power Plants

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  • Nuclear, fossil generation plants, refineries and structural
  • No oil, seals, greases or maintenance
  • Compatible with most pipe attachment hardware

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Power and Utility Durability

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  • Carry static load
  • Defines frequency response
  • Minimize stiffness
  • Decouple superstructure from input

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